South Florida International College opens its doors

Miami, August 28, 2022.

A new proposal is born out to carry out higher learning studies in Florida and the world, South Florida International College (SFIC).

With 9 programs taught in Spanish and English, SFIC as an Institution of higher learning studies opened its doors to receive students from inside and outside the country.

In order to facilitate students and ensure that the schedules of the programs fit their activities, SFIC offers two modalities online and hybrid.

SFIC has highly qualified professors to be in charge of training professionals to be prepared for a highly competitive labor market.

Take control of your future and leave it in our hands.


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Take control of your future today!

South Florida International College is a house of higher learning that offers a variety of programs geared to prepare competent professionals in various fields that will lead to placement in a dynamic workforce.

We have the proper personnel to guide and aid in the training of new professionals.