Information Technology: Job Opportunities and How SFIC Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Information technology is a dynamic and constantly evolving field that plays a critical role in today’s society. With the rapid advancement of technology, the demand for skilled professionals in the information technology sector is on the rise. This sector is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative job markets in the world, and the opportunities […]

The benefits of an “SFIC scholarship” in your professional life.

There are numerous benefits to receiving an academic scholarship! In order to provide a high-quality educational option that is also financially feasible, South Florida International College offers “Private Scholarships and Educational Subsidies” that can cover up to 50% of all programs. Earning a scholarship builds confidence, helps you grow, be more tenacious, have great objectives, […]

Why pursue an MBA?

Studying for an MBA in the United States is one of the alternatives available at South Florida International College for people looking to advance professionally and advance in their careers. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a program designed for professionals who are ready to take on fresh professional and employment difficulties and establish […]

South Florida International College opens its doors

Miami, August 28, 2022. A new proposal is born out to carry out higher learning studies in Florida and the world, South Florida International College (SFIC). With 9 programs taught in Spanish and English, SFIC as an Institution of higher learning studies opened its doors to receive students from inside and outside the country. In […]

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