Modalidades de Estudio

Modalidades de Estudio

The South Florida International College learning model three ways of education: In-Person, Hybrid, virtual mode. Now we can explain each of them


Educational process is characterized by the physical presence and interaction between teacher and students using various pedagogical resources and physical spaces in educational institutions, the teaching-learning methodologies that are used are of contact or direct relationship of the teacher with his or students


  • Educational process is characterized by systematically combining the in-person modality with virtual modality, based on television, radio, digital, and telephone physical resources, technological tools, and the interaction between teacher and students. The educational platforms can be developed totally or partially autonomously by the students, that is, without requiring the presence or permanent guidance of the teacher during its development.

Virtual mode

  • The educational process through which educational platforms are connected to the Internet or Intranet. through these platforms, there is information, planning, and communication system, which allows teachers and students to participate in virtual classrooms with various tools and applications for learning, curriculum development, and evaluation including training materials, research, and links to other educational resources.

Academic activities take place asynchronously where the teacher and students do not attend simultaneously to develop educational activities and also online or synchronously where there is simultaneous attendance for interaction between teacher and students.

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