Mission & Vision


South Florida International College provides students tools to become professional and competent in careers that lead towards placement in a dynamic labor workforce. Our programs empower students to advance their knowledge on entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Our faculty and staff provide our students direction, education, and support for professional development.


South Florida International College vision is to be recognized for our educational programs, student-oriented services, work- force training, and economic development while developing ethical leaders who enhance our society.


  • Provide educational excellence in undergraduate and graduate, recognized by the quality of our programs and our graduates.
  • Promote an international learning environment based on a rich multicultural background of the students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provide students with the best education for the career development so they can successfully perform in the labor market or in their individual entrepreneurship.
  • Effectively utilize up-to-date technology and educational resources to fulfill the student’s outcome in a distance education model.
  • Provide financial stability and responsibility aligned with the institutional development plans.
  • Collaborate and interact with other educational institutions and organizations to build relationships with common objectives to provide the community a high-quality list of professional, competent, and productive employees with skills to be successful on the job.

Take control of your future today!

South Florida International College is a house of higher learning that offers a variety of programs geared to prepare competent professionals in various fields that will lead to placement in a dynamic workforce.

We have the proper personnel to guide and aid in the training of new professionals.