Provost Message

Olmedo Farfan

Welcome to South Florida International College.

“A House of Higher Studies thought of you”

We are born after a difficult period for the whole world, under the premise of offering and seeking the same opportunities for each human being who wishes to improve.

Humanity has been the forger of history, and today history requires us to continue the path, innovating, putting all the effort, dedication and responsibility in the future of our society.

We are committed to promoting a higher education framework that champions effectiveness and efficiency in teaching and learning. At SFIC we shape our students for the future with serious reflection and meticulous research that persistently pursues the search for truth and honesty, fostering a life of deep effort and service to our community.

We offer different programs, designed for the diversity of skills and tastes of our audience. These programs will be taught by teachers of high academic level, who will be in charge of preparing the student for a highly competitive job market.

We work with a highly qualified academic and administrative team, together we seek to provide supervision and strategic leadership in the development of each of the academic programs. The objective of SFIC is to train professionals capable of transforming the world and empowering creative and caring entrepreneurs.

Rest assured that your future at South Florida International College will be bright, I encourage you to be part of our family, to leave your professional growth in our hands and, above all, to take control of your future today so that on the day of tomorrow be a successful professional wherever you go.

Yours faithfully


Take control of your future today!

South Florida International College is a house of higher learning that offers a variety of programs geared to prepare competent professionals in various fields that will lead to placement in a dynamic workforce.

We have the proper personnel to guide and aid in the training of new professionals.